About Desert Willow Health Center

Welcome to Desert Willow Health Center, Resilience restored!

Desert Willow Health Center is a naturopathic clinic that focuses on each individual person and works to get to the root cause of the problem. Our approach is holistic and integrative.  We treat you as a whole person, listening to your needs and addressing all your symptoms.  We use many tools such as nutrition and lifestyle changes, supplements, acupuncture, IV therapy, injections, botanical medicine and bio-therapeutic drainage to help the body get back to health.  In addition, we are certified medical examiners for the Department of Transportation (DOT) medical exams.

We work with patients on a wide range of concerns but especially cardiovascular disease, digestive complaints, hormone balance, anxiety and depression, insomnia and healthy aging.    We believe in healthy aging at all ages.  We advocate for and support healthy aging through the use of life style changes, good nutrition, exercise, bio-identical hormones as needed and supplements.

We believe that health is fundamental to being resilient in life.  Resilience is that quality we have that gets us through difficult times, when we are faced with adversity, disaster or loss. It is that element within us that allows us to see that there is life after this event, that perhaps there is a blessing in what has happened, that maybe a door has been opened and a new opportunity has presented itself. Here at Desert Willow Health Center, our mission is to help our patients regain their health and restore that resilient spark that helps us face a new day.