Inspirational Books

Inspirational Books

Here are two inspirational books that have inspired me and helped me to make changes in my life. They are great reads that will give you some perspective on what is possible.

The Creative Age by Gene Cohen, MD, PhD

This book should be read by all people entering middle to later years. I was inspired to read about so many people who did amazing, creative things in their later years. We think of creativity as writing, painting or sculpting. The author redefines creativity as something beyond this such as “molding one’s inner life”, “altering our experience of problems and sometimes transcending them in later life.” The idea is that our life experience and “the long view” help us to put things into perspective and view our lives differently. These have value to us and the community around us. This book changed the way I viewed the aging process and the myths surrounding it. We are capable of learning, growing and contributing – right to the end of our lives.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Turning simple disciplines into massive success by Jeff Olson – This book is about making changes in your life. It is about making a choice each day to take action to meet your goal or not. One small decision in one day won’t necessarily make a different. Over time, though, these decisions add up. They put you on a path that will either get you to your goal or not. If you have ever wanted to make a change in your life, check out this book. I loved reading it because it let me see that it is always one small step at a time that will add up to a big difference!

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